Photos of Peter and Ross

Many more photos to follow!

Our wedding in Falkland

Our ceremony

We were married on Saturday 8 June 2019 with a Humanist Wedding in the Crichton Stuart Memorial Chapel on the Falkland Estate.

The festivities began with the distinguished letter carver Charles Smith, fixing a new sign to our house, proudly saying 'Brunton House, formerly the falconer's lodging'.

We walked to the wedding, with some of our guests following, from our house in the centre of Falkland, through the gardens and orchard (a very special place for us) of Falkland Palace, and via the 'High Walk' to the Stables courtyard, where the rest of our guests were waiting to greet us.

By this time it had started raining very slightly but we were not put off by this, although many of our guests were already sheltering under the archway.

At 2:40 p.m. our piper, Calum Watson, led our guests in procession across the bridge, over the Maspie Burn near the duckpond, and on up through woodland to the roofless chapel.  We followed a little way behind, until they were all in their places, when our celebrant, Neil Anderson from the Humanist Society Scotland asked our guests to be upstanding and we entered the chapel together to the sounds of  (flute and guitar) playing Locatelli's Allegro.

The ceremony continued with a welcome by our Laird, Ninian Stuart, readings and songs (full text on another page) until the sound of the rain on umbrellas became so loud that proceedings had to be halted temporarily. Many of our guests have told us this made the event all the more memorable!

When the rain had eased off a bit our two rings were passed around the guests, supervised by our two Gentlemen Ushers, Kenny Lumsden and René Nunn, so that everyone could hold one of them briefly, and we then held them together during the handfasting (using a tartan ribbon made by our friend Pam Ward).

We made our vows, we exchanged rings, we signed the Marriage Schedule, and our guests joined in acclaiming us as a married couple.

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