Photos of Peter and Ross

Many more photos to follow!

Our wedding

We created this site to give information about our forthcoming wedding celebrations – the celebrations have now taken place, and we're updating the site to record what actually happened.

We've now received the first of our photos of our wedding from Suzanne Black Photography. We'll be adding some of them to this site as soon as our busy schedule allows!

Peter Burman and Ross Burgess – together after half a century

We first met around 1970 (neither of us is exactly sure of the date, or even the circumstances). We were an item for a year or so and then drifted apart. We became separated by life, work and other relationships, ending up 400 miles apart but still always keeping in in touch although at times only by Christmas card.

In December 2018 we were both single (Ross's husband, Roger, had died in February) and we met up again. We began seeing each other from time to time, and slowly realised that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Currently we are dividing our time between suburban South London and the lovely Scottish village of Falkland, but also travelling together quite a bit, both in the UK and overseas.

In May this year we were coming away from a meeting at the Falkland Stewardship Trust (Peter is Chair of the Trust) when someone gave us a leaflet about the Trust's wedding venues and jokingly asked if we were likely to be their first same-gender wedding. We were taken aback to begin with, but soon decided it was what we both wanted.

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