Foxearth IT Solutions Ross and Peter at Rory Young's house, Cirencester, July 2022. Photograph by Shawn Kholucy.

Foxearth IT Solutions: Websites

Ross Burgess has been acting as webmaster for various sites, mostly on a voluntary basis, under the banner of "Foxearth IT Solutions", since about 1998. For part of this time his late husband, Roger Burg, also worked on some of these sites.

Current sites

The following screenshots represent sites Ross is currently actively maintaining. Click any image to be taken to the live site in question.

Peter Burman and Ross Burgess
The Falkland Wiki
Peter and Ross's wedding
Amiable Warriors book
The Falkland Society
Historic Falkland
Diverse Performances book
South London Gays
Ross and Roger's London partnership 2002
Ross and Roger's civil partnership 2005
The CHE Research Trust CHE)
CHE, the Campaign for Homosexual Equality
The UK LGBT Archive
Falkland Gardening Group
Advice Services Croydon
Gay Authors Workshop

Previous sites

The following sites are dormant or discontinued, or in a few cases have been taken over by someone else. Clicking on an image below will take you to an archived version of the website in question, via the Internet Archive. Note that all the information on the archived versions should be considered out of date, and that archived sites are often quite slow to load.


In 2008, Ross created two social networking sites: and These had 103 and 215 members respectively when they were discontinued in August 2010 as a result of a change in the Ning company's pricing policy. He subsequently assisted with the LGBT London website, maintained by the LGBT Consortium, until this was discontinued through lack of funding.

A much older version of this page is available via the Web Archive.


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